Mail Administration For Administrator
1. Mail Administration Login

In your Web Browser, type in the URL :, where should be replaced with your domain name. Login using the information provided.

2. Mail Administration Screen loads

Links and Description

New Email Accounts - Create new user email account
New Aliases - Create new aliases.
New Forwards - Create new email forwarding accounts.
New Mail Robot - Create new auto responding messages.
Email Accounts - Manage all the user email accounts.
Aliases Forwards - Manage email forwarding.
Mail Robots - Manage auto responding messages.

3. New Email Accounts
Create a new email account for user as shown below. Enter all the neccessary information and click the Add button.


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4. New Aliases
Aliases are additional names for a user. They allow messages to be sent to multiple addresses, but end up in the same mailbox. Essentially, an alias is an AKA (Also Known As) for a user. Example: sales could all be aliases for the user, and and will allow and to receive mail addressed as

Select the Email Account which you want to alias with. Then type in the alias name in the Alias field. Then, click on the Add button.


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5. New Forwards

E-mail Forwarding function allows a user to change their mail-forward configuration. Mail forwarding is when our mail server forwards e-mail to an alternate e-mail address instead of storing it. When we setup your account, all of your e-mail is set up to be delivered to our mail server. Mail forwarding overrides all other account settings, including messages.

In the Forward Email Address field, type in the email you want to forward to. In the Local Name field, type in the user account you wish the email to forward out.


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6. New Mail Robots

This function allows an auto responds message to be sent to anyone who sends an e-mail to a particular address.
For example, you might set up a feedback response messages to user that send feedback to your company via email. So in the mail robots, you can set the messages as replying to the user to acknowledge you have received their email.

In the Mail Robot Name field, type in the account name which will response to users email. Enter the user email address in Send copy to field if you want to forward a copy of the robot mail to that user. In the Subject field, enter in the email subject and the messages in the large text box. Click on the Add button when you have finished.


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7. Manage Email Accounts

When you click on this links, it will list down all the existing user under this domain name as shown below. Click on the red button to perform modification and deletion for a specific user.


  When you delete a user, you can forward all his email to other email account in the future. Please refer to the picture below.


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8. Manage Aliases and Forwards
  Click on the modify button to modify and delete button to delete the alias and forwarding for user.



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9. Mail Robots

Click on the buttons to perform modification and deletion for the mail robots as shown below.


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