CLIENT : Tropicana City Mall
INDUSTRY : Shopping Centre
URL :  



Tropicana City Mall (TCM) is an upcoming mall that is becoming the new buzz in Petaling Jaya. The mall itself houses many established F&B brands, fashion concept outlets to ‘family’ stores, entertainment, retail and more, promising entertainment for everyone. This client requires a all-in-one website with all the information every surfer needs to know about TCM without linking to exterior sites.

To do this, we have created flash banner about the current promotions and inserted it in the main page. Furthermore, we have chosen a vibrant colour for this site to make sure that it will not be reduced to a dull mall site. Aside from the extensive flash, information about promotions, tenant listings and other corporate information are listed in their own separate pages with an easy to navigate menu bar. Other than flash, various high resolutions graphics are used to enhance the viewing experience of the site. In conclusion, we have created a vibrant website that is both hip and yet informative about the promotions in the mall.

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