CLIENT : Shanghai Zhong You Jin Hua Investment Pty.Ltd.
INDUSTRY : Engineering
URL :  



The Shanghai Zhong You Jin Hua Investment Pty.Ltd. is an China oil company that is involved in the production and sales of various refined oil products. In this case, the client wishes for a corporate website that features their main trade, refined oil.

Following the wishes of the client, the website is designed with a focus on refined oil. Majority of the pages on the site are supplemented with images of refined oil pouring onto the website symbolizing that it is fueling the path to the future. The colour yellow was also utilized on the whole site as it fits without problems with the various images of the refined oil.

Instead of a horizontal menu bar, a sidebar is used to minimize obstruction to the main viewing panel. Various products and solutions provided by the company are listed in their separate pages. Furthermore, there is even a page that includes a table depicting the current petrol prices. In the end, we came up with a site that is both showcasing the main product of the company and also give out necessary information to those who need it.

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