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INDUSTRY : Engineering
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Olio resources is an leading providers of specialist support services and equipment to the local and regional oil, gas, power industry and petrochemical market.

The main design concept for this site is to focus on the products & services provided by Olio Resources. As such, a landing page was created before the main site to feature the various facilities of Olio resources. Furtheremore, the site is enhanced with high resolution graphics of the various solutions provided by Olio Resources which will leave an lasting impact on any potential clients. The design of this site is also to be simple and easy to navigate. To that matter, we have created a concise menu bar with the sub-menu in the left corner. Not only does this allows for easier navigation, it did not include the problem of messy drop down menus. All the required information are properly segregated into their own pages within easy reach of surfers. Lastly, we had also incorporated a latest news column on the main page so that one can view the latest news before entering the site.

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