CLIENT : Nordic Denim House
INDUSTRY : E-Commerce
Fashion & Beauty
URL :  



Nordic Denim house is a online clothing store that emphasizes on selling high quality denim products and anything related to it. This client requires a website that features their products and essential information.

The main design concept is to create a website that portray the feeling of Denim. As such, the main colour used in the site is a black and grayish tone that can bring out a feeling of ruggedness, very much similar to the feeling of Denim products. To further enhance the site, we have also incorporate a product page with high resolution graphics to enhance the viewing experience. Text are kept to a minimum as the main focus of the site is on the products. With sharp graphics and an easy to navigate menu bar, we have created a simple yet effective website for Nordic Denim House.

To visit the website, please log-on to

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