CLIENT : Simdi Bonded Warehouse
INDUSTRY : Food & Beverage
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SIMDI Bonded Warehouse "SBWH" is a subsidiary of SIMDI Company Pvt Ltd.which distributes and supplies a wide range of liquor products to the Maldivian tourism industry.

Black is used in the design to enhance the aesthetically pleasing visuals of the liquor bottles while at the same time adds an air of sophistication to the website. Shades of black are used along with other bright hues such as orange and brown to complement the liquor images. The navigation, colour usage, font size, images are carefully selected brand the company as a vibrant company in touch with contemporary tastes.

The logos of the various brand represented by SBWH arranged in a tabular format. Surfers can click on the individual brand logo and visit the particular brandís website. The product page is integrated with complete product list in alphabetical order. In "Contact us " page, we created online enquiry form and quotation request form. These are the useful features that suitable for a liquor distributor so that the potential customers can contact them.

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