CLIENT : Cipolla Ristorante Pizzeria
INDUSTRY : Food & Beverage
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Opened since 2006, Cipolla is an Italian ristorante, bar and pizzeria serving fine regional Italian cuisine. It is a sister restaurant of the two favorites Italian restaurants in town - Ciao and Ciccio.

The website design fully incorporates the feel and ambience of the restaurants while capturing its unique beauty. The continuity of the design creates a flawless brand experience from start to finish. The precise content enables the surfers to have a quick understanding on the restaurant. Surfers can get information that they want to know about the restaurant such as menu, pricing, location, restaurant reviews, signature dishes that will handily satisfy visitors while keeping them engaged. Surfers are able to get information on Ciao and Ciccio as there are links to these two restaurants.

For those who are great fans of Italian food, there is nothing more satisfying than dining on fine regional Italian cuisine. Visit
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