CLIENT : Federation of Kwang Tung Associations Malaysia
INDUSTRY : Associations
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The Federation Guangdong was established in 22 February 1947. It is set up to unite Guangdong community in Malaysia. To date, it has 39 branches all over Malaysia.

The federation was set up to establish an online presence and also inform people of the upcoming event - The 4th Conference of the World Guangdong Community Federation which will be held on this November. The purpose of the conference is to establish links between Cantonese worldwide, to demonstrate and strengthen the unity of Cantonese. The Federation of Kwang Tung Associations Malaysia is the host for this conference.

It is believed that the Federation of Kwang Tung Associations Malaysia is the first federation in Malaysia who owns an official Chinese website. It is a good start, as the web presence lets the younger generation to know more about the federation. The website is informative. It has everything about the conference. The website is kept simple so the surfer can concentrate on the information. Dropdown buttons provide access to several levels of information while keeping the interface clear. Online registration forms in PDF format are available online to make it convenient to both local and oversea participants. The link ‘Introducing Malaysia’ offers general information about Malaysia to the foreigners.

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