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Oriental Capital Assurance Berhad (OCA) is an insurance company. It had been amongst the prime market players in the country with its beginnings dating back to pre-war period where several leading insurers in the Orient established their businesses onto our shores.

Despite the large amount of information, the homepage features three columns layout. The large amount of content is graphically categorized using colors, subject heads and spaces. Surfing the site, one can easily obtain information on everything concerned to insurance as it has been carefully structured and organized. Itís a comprehensive site that successfully anticipates the needs of the audience and defines brand and also the level of service that clientele can expect. Attention were paid to ensure the content of the website is as accurate for the use of the public. We had utilized Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript) to display location map of the branches. The site also complemented with Adobe PDF files for visitors to download their corporate information and details for offline viewing.

For the design, the site played around with a variety of colors to provide a unique presentation of the website. It creates a corporate flair that fully representing its brand and image.

With in-depth consumer information, clear and intelligent interface, rich content and minimal download times, this site rewards surfers by making information extremely easy to find. You can view this site at

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