CLIENT : Tropicana Golf & Country Resort
INDUSTRY : Building & Property
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Tropicana Golf & Country Resort is an exclusive township located in the prime suburb of Petaling Jaya. This exclusive 625-acre (253-hectare) gated community is the brainchild of established property developer Dijaya Corporation Berhad.

Brochures & other corporate literature feature well designed homes & facilities set amidst gorgeous landscapes. The website has to reflect the natural beauty that surrounds the exclusive properties & facilities. To create the all-time corporate but stylish look and feel of his creations, lush images of the resort properties & facilities were used along with some flash animation to add an element of excitement in the website.

A white background accentuated by soft hues of brown is used to bring out the vividness of the images used throughout the website. Information on golfing rates, rules & details of the resort's other facilities can be found on the website. The interface is kept simple to draw the surfers' attention to the content & images showcased throughout the website.

Informative and attractive, it embodies the ideal site the surfers with an eye for beautiful design to obtain relevant information about Tropicana Golf & Country Resort. This site can be reached at
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