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LAMTEC MALAYSIA is a registered trademark for premium wooden laminated scantlings. The brand was the brainchild of a joint collaboration between four established timber organisations: the Malaysian Wood Industries Association (MWIA), Forest Research Institute of Malaysia (FRIM), Malaysian Timber Industry Board (MTIB) and Malaysian Timber Council (MTC).

The website s target audience are corporate companies that purchase timber from Malaysia & companies that make use of timber products. The purpose of the website is to reinforce the LAMTEC MALAYSIA brand in the minds of users.

This is accomplished through the use of high quality images which vividly shows how important wood products are to peoples lives. The images which are animated with subtle flash animation also makes the website look fresh and visually engaging. The website is also packed with useful information especially for wood product buyers who only buy from sustainably managed forests.
In short, the website is both a visual feast as well as a comprehensive source of information. Visit to learn more about LAMTEC MALAYSIA.
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