CLIENT : Third Floor Restaurant
INDUSTRY : Food & Beverage
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Third Floor Restaurant is a haven for epicureans who are seeking the best of food, ambiance and service. Located in the luxury of J.W. Marriott Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Third Floor Restaurant is the brainchild of Chef Ken Hoh, whose perpetual innovative dish has earned him a formidable reputation in the fine dining industry.

MIRnet association with Third Floor Restaurant and Chef Ken Hoh began in his endeavour to meet the desire of his techno-savvy clientele. Our first contact was established about two years ago, introduced by one of our satisfied clients who is also a friend of the chef. This time, the vision was resurrected as both the restaurant and the chef have all the right ingredients to surf the Internet wave.

Working closely with Chef Ken Hoh, MIRnet delivers an online presence that immaculately reflects the creativity and sophistication of the place. The deployment of Macromedia Flash thoroughly enrich the website with animations showcasing the epitome of art and ingredients. For those who would like to gain more understanding about Chef Ken Hoh, a special section is dedicated to provide a brief biography of his life and work. On top of it, Third Floor Restaurant patrons can make direct reservation to book for a table or the whole venue online.

To see what Chef Ken Hoh is serving today, visit to whet your appetite.

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