CLIENT : Advanced RFIC (S) Pte Ltd
INDUSTRY : Electronics & Electrical
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Advanced RFIC (S) Pte Ltd (ARFIC) is an upcoming Singaporean firm that provides integrated RFIC solutions which include design services, design kits, turn key RFIC solutions and testing services.

Arfic's main unique selling points are as follows:

a. Their staff and management team who have in-depth experience in providing RFIC solutions and are recognized leaders in the RFIC field

b. Their infrastructure - Arfic utilizes the latest in RFIC hardware and software technology

Subsequent dicussions with Arfic have also revealed that their target audience include:


b.System & IC design houses

c. Semiconductor companies

d. Foundries

Having defined the target audience as mainly corporate companies, we decided to build a web site with a corporate look and feel.

Emphasis would be on the company's ability ro fulfill the needs of their target audiences and to provide key information that would aid the business decisions of companies that require their services.

Due to the nature of the business, the web site makes use of text to communicate Arfic's expertise and strengths. The hardware and software specifications are displayed in point form to allow readers to take in the information easily. Graphics are kept at a minimum and serves to support the contents of the web site. Javscript, HTML and PHP technologies are deployed through out the site to add ease of navigation and overall usability of the site.

Short, concise and attractive, it embodies the ideal site the surfers with an eye for beautiful design to obtain relevant information without going through too many pages.
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