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INDUSTRY : Computer & Software
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There's no denying that computer industry is going stay and ever-evolving amidst the global slowdown.

With intense competition of pricing of computer and its gadgets, Asashi, established 5 years ago as a computer shop, is now leading the pack by making its presence online to offer everyone a better pricing of computer hardware and accessories, with friendly offline customer services on repairing, upgrading, retailing and computer maintenance. Updated periodically, the website provides a place for everyone to check out the latest price of PCs and it's hardware with ease.

Situated in the highly populated student area, Asashi is strategically placed to offer the computer users and leveraging the budget for potential computer buyers with reliability and prompt services. Asashi is always on pursuit for it's battle of prices and value; they challenge the price tags that the other dealers offers from around town and during the Kuala Lumpur PC Fair event.

Every young, old and teenage website visitors are their target market. In better capturing their attention, we adopt a harmonious design where the selection of colours that are relaxing so that the design doesn't get in the way of the information. The website is easy to navigate; visitors can intuitively browse when they need the information. In terms of content, it is kept simple especially where there are long list of hardwares to look out for their prices.
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