CLIENT : Analabs Resources Berhad
INDUSTRY : Public Listed Companies
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ANALABS is an environmental engineering company that provides cradle-to-grave industrial waste management services covering waste recycling, testing, treatment and the sale and formulation of industrial chemicals.

ANALABS is an environmental engineering company with over 40 years of experience in the recycling and reclamation of industrial waste. Renowned for their stringent laboratory testing and analysis services, they provide complete "cradle-to-grave" recycling of industrial waste, from the point that the waste is discharged to the point that the waste has been recycled into a safer alternative.

ANALABS approached us for a solution to their ever growing information needs, since they required the right people to know about the right services that only they could provide, and to complement their other advertising efforts. Naturally, we accepted the proposition and thus crafted a media rich site that remains true to the green image that ANALABS wished to project.

The ANALABS site is a deft combination of HTML, Javascript, DHTML and some serious site navigation usually seen on relatively larger and more complex sites. Nevertheless we strived onwards, meeting all of the requirements expected of us, resulting in a media rich online experience that can be reached at Please do not hesitate to check it out for yourself.

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