CLIENT : Bernard Chandran International
INDUSTRY : Fashion & Beauty
URL :  


Catch a glimpse of renowned Malaysian fashion designer Bernard Chandranís debut at the London fashion week autumn/winter 2006.

The design and cut of Bernardís collections this time features luxurious fabrics and impact. The web site has to reflect the glamour and trendiness of his creations. To create the all time classic but stylish look and feel of his creations, we decided to use Flash as the main tool to develop the web site. The resulting Flash files will be embedded into HTML pages for ease of viewing by surfers.

A black background is used to portray the trendiness of his work as well as to accentuate the vivid colours and intricate details of his designs. A short profile on Bernard Chandran is provided to give viewers an insight into the mind behind the creations.The web siteís interface is kept simple to draw the surfersí attention to the vivid images featured in each collection of couture and accessories.

Short, concise and attractive, it embodies the ideal site the surfers with an eye for beautiful design to obtain relevant information without going through too many pages. This site can be reached at
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