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The force and the influence behind today's hairstyling industry's success is an effort contributed single-handedly by one person - Ms. Winnie Loo - the founder of A Cut Above salons and Malaysia's most celebrated coiffure doyen.

Recently honoured as the Hairstylist of the Year in the first ever Malaysian-International Fashion Award, she has taken one step further by establishing A Cut Above Academy to train aspiring hairstylists.

Today, in her endeavour to maintain A Cut Above salons' lead in Malaysia's fashion scene, Winnie has commissioned MIRnet to deliver a website par excellence that matches her status as the master of the craft. Her requirement is simple - quality design.

Quality is the central of the design and development focus. The idea was 'nothing but the best'. This has given us - the MIRnet team - an opportunity to venture into the realm of creativity to design something that is different from the rest.

As such, the most attractive mode to showcase A Cut Above's latest portfolio is ideally via Macromedia Flash. Yet, the Flash elements are limited to some of the sections while the rest of the pages appear in HTML format - so that it gets the best of both worlds. On top of it, Javascript is also used to make revolving buttons to navigate the website. To send the visitors' enquiry or to enlist themselves into A Cut Above's mailing list for the academy updates, we utilise PHP programming to enable them to submit.

All said and done, if you wish to learn more about A Cut Above salons and sample their portfolio, click to

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